Channel your Inner “Kim” (Kim Basinger, that is)

Channel your Inner “Kim” (Kim Basinger, that is)

We are going to let you in on a little secret here at Lunchtime Quickies. One of our original inspirations for this site was the movie 9 ½ Weeks and the lovely Kim Basinger. In fact some of us were borderline obsessed. When we talked to younger women about it, most of them had never heard of the movie. What?? How can they not know 9 ½ Weeks? So our mission was set… share the 80’s cult classic film with our community but most importantly, have fun and encourage women to channel their inner Kim. Seriously, it does not get any sexier than the striptease scene with You Can Take Your Hat Off. If you have never seen this film, we highly suggest you rent it. And if you have (come on, you know it’s been a while), rent it again! xo

Have you ever stripped for your lover? Or played dress up and kept your stilettos on in bed? We’d love to hear how Kim inspired you to be sexier, more playful and to step out of your comfort zone. Oh, this is going to be some fun reading, don’t you think?

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