The Longest First Date…

The Longest First Date…

I’m guessing some of you can totally relate or even beat me on this one (I swear I know someone who had a first date that lasted 3 days)! But since this is my quickie, here we go.

I had known M for at least a year, maybe more. We were introduced by mutual friends. I knew he was interested but I wasn’t. Then I moved to Italy, both to pursue my dream of living there but also to pursue Riccardo. Needless to say, neither one worked out. So I was back in Santa Monica. We reconnected and he asked me out.

He was 11 years my senior, just a bit “too old” for me, I said. Did you stop to think maybe you’re too old for me? He replied. I laughed but knowing him like I did, he probably wasn’t kidding. His last girlfriend was closer to his daughter’s age than mine. Still, I said yes. He was charming, funny and generous. He said, how about Nobu Malibu? Ok, he just scored major points on that one!

He was riding his motorcycled down by Santa Cruz where he’d been visiting his son so I agreed to meet him there. It was a Sunday afternoon, 1:30 pm. The place was packed as usual and it was a gorgeous day. Nobu sits right on the ocean and the huge deck has lots of patio seating with views of the waves crashing below. It also happens to be probably the most expensive restaurant in Malibu, known for sushi and hand-crafted cocktails. Definitely a great spot for a first date especially if a guy is out to impress. Apparently he was.

Speaking of hand-crafted cocktails, I ordered a vodka drink with basil in it, I think. It came with a beautiful edible flower garnish. After that, we were on to sake.

We scored a couch and table right next to the ocean. The area sat between 4-6 people but it was just us, initially. Conversation was easy and he was fun to flirt with. M is Russian and still has a very strong accent. Although he’s been here for 40 years, he’ll never lose that. It adds to his charm but sometimes he can be difficult to understand. His interpretation of situations can also be hilarious.

As the day went on, and the place got busier (was that even possible?), he invited some other guests to join us as they needed seats. It was fun to watch him hold court. He loves people and will talk to anyone. He doesn’t always get a welcome response but in this case, they were all happy to have seats!

Day turned into dusk. Dusk turned into night. And we kept talking… and drinking… and eating … and flirting. Before we realized, we had been there for 9 hours. It was nearly 10:30 pm. It was a Sunday night and we both had work the next day.

He kissed me goodnight and paid for my valet, asking to get together again later in the week. I said yes. Then off he rode on his bike.

This first date would launch a year long relationship. In fact, I moved in with him 3 months later. Ultimately it didn’t work out but we still remain friends today. I will never forget our time at Nobu. In fact it was definitely the best (and longest) first date ever… so far. 😉

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