The most beautiful part of a woman…

The most beautiful part of a woman…

An old flame from college reached out to me the other night. It’s been over 25 years since I’ve heard from him. We never really had a relationship. It was more like, well, a few quickies. He found me on Facebook and wrote to say how beautiful I still was, after all these years. He even produced a pic of me from college. No idea how he even had that! After several Facebook messages back and forth, he told me how despite all my other attractive qualities, it was my beautiful smile that did it for him. In fact seeing my old pic brought back fond memories of me, he said. I sat there on my bed stunned. This was a guy who was a total playboy back in the day. In fact, I didn’t think he had really cared much at all. Yet now, after all these years, he remembers all the times we were “together”. Hell, I don’t remember shit.

He’s married now with two kids. Doesn’t sound so happily married but that’s not my problem. It’s funny how life is. I don’t expect anything more to come from this. I have no interest. After all, I’m not about to be a home-wrecker. But reliving a few of those memories with him make me smile, especially knowing that it was my smile that did it for him. Now that I think about it, I suppose I’ve been told that before. That’s a good thing to remember. Thanks, JP. Despite all the bodily flaws I think I have, I plan to wear my smile more often. Who knows, it just might attract the love of my life. I have a feeling …

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    LOVE this story! Reminds me to wear my smile more often too. Thanks for that! xo


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