Knowing When To Be Intimate

Knowing When To Be Intimate

For those of you out there in the dating world (hello, that’s me), it’s sometimes hard to know when to sleep with someone for the first time. There’s a lot of advice out there. Is it after the 3rd date? What if I can’t even wait that long? In this podcast episode, Betsy talks with Kim Sarasin & Ashley Ryan from about this topic and more. Listen as they “debate” the issue and Betsy admits to maybe “dating like a dude” this past summer. We’d love to know your thoughts on this one. Leave a message on Facebook or Instagram and just maybe we can solve this dilemma together 🙂

Did you know it only takes a man 15 seconds to decide if he sees a future with you? Thankfully we have Kim & Ashley to help us navigate this timeline. Check them out at and follow them on Facebook @15secondslovecoaching and IG @15secondslovedating

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    Excellent conversation with lots of sage advise and most of all, in touch with the « here and now » of the dating universe


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