Developing a Romance Marketing Plan

Developing a Romance Marketing Plan

Hey Romance Fans! For all you single folks out there, this is for you. In this podcast, Betsy talks with Julie Ferman, matchmaker & dating coach, about the importance of creating a romance marketing plan. Julie explains the importance of not being afraid to initiate (this means you, ladies) and not burning any bridges (aka ghosting).  Now more than ever, men are looking to us to show interest and even make the first move. Agree or not, you have the power.  Betsy also agrees to have her love life put to the task by Julie.  Oh this is going to be fun to watch!

Be sure to check out and sign up for FREE to be in her database.  For those of you located in Los Angeles or Sante Fe, NM stay in touch with Julie for a chance to get the coveted privilege of an invite to one of her Plus One parties!  They are not to be missed and you just might end up with a match.  xoxo

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