Love Actually

Love Actually

This time of year makes us think of movies like Love Actually, The Holiday, Christmas Vacation (yes, really) and ALL those Hallmark movies. Whether you’re single or partnered, there’s a lot of good-feeling flicks out there. But in real life, couples need support and it doesn’t always end with a happy ending. Never fear, you have support and we believe there’s always a way back to Love.  On this week’s podcast episode, we visit with Dana McNeil, LMFT. Dana specializes in working with couples to hopefully bring back that HEA (happily ever after). Love comes in many forms and now more than ever society is embracing not-so-traditional lifestyles. Listen in as Dana talks about millennials, polyamory, and the importance of not waiting too long to work on your relationship if it’s skidding off the tracks. Listen to the end where she shares some priceless advice to set you up for success in 2020! As always, wishing you hope, joy, love and lots of Quickies this holiday season! xoxo


To learn more about Dr. Dana, go Here


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