Surrender to Love in 2020

Surrender to Love in 2020

Wahoo it’s 2020 and we are so excited to help you get your love life off on the right foot! For those of you perhaps a little frustrated that you haven’t met your special person just yet, fear not. We are about to introduce you to another “quickie” that will not only make you feel better (don’t all quickies make you feel better haha?) but lessen any pressure or disappointment you might be feeling in the love department these days. Meet Christina McMahon, soulmate coach and love mentor. If true love (the real deal) is what you are desiring then take comfort in knowing that no matter what the timing, love is coming to you. Just by simply wanting it ensures it’s on your timeline. Isn’t that comforting? Christina explains that the key is surrendering and letting go of the need to be too specific on wanting love by a certain age or time. We promise this episode will have you feeling so good about love coming into your life exactly when it should. Listen until the end to make sure you get your “quickie”!  Wishing you so much love now and throughout 2020.  xoxo

To learn more about Christina and her Opening to Sacred Love program, click Here

To access Christina’s guided meditations, please check out her teacher profile page on the Insight Timer app Here


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