Love the Space You’re In

Love the Space You’re In

So here we are, still in some form of lockdown with no definitive back-to-normal date in sight. I don’t know about you but this has been one heck of a rollercoaster and I’m ready to get off! That being said, I haven’t had a ton of motivation most days even though my To-Do list keeps growing. For one, organizing my closets and bedroom have been on the list from Day One yet I’ve barely begin. Now that we appear to be in Phase One of a reopen, I’m feeling pressure to make something happen. Enter Christel Ferguson, professional organizer and guest of the Lunchtime Quickies podcast episode 10. What we LOVE about this chat is that we get to combine a love story (Christel’s real life romance with a hot Italian) with real home organizing tips that will get you motivated to create a space you really love. We want you to love the space you’re in NOW, both domestically and figuratively. We know some of us have more time on our hands than others and what better time than the present to make your world ready for the next chapter. You’ll also gain tips to set up your space to invite more love in. I believe all of us could use more of that.  That’s amore!

Learn all about Christel HERE and use code LTQ2020 to enjoy 20% off virtual organizing. Follow her on IG & FB – @space2love and check out helpful organizing tips on her Space to Love YouTube Channel

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