Unleash Your Sparkle And Heal Your Heart

Unleash Your Sparkle And Heal Your Heart

Hey beauties! Do you feel like you could use some sparkle in your life, especially now? We think all women are diamonds but they just need to know how to unearth their shine and worth. (Anyone else hearing Rihanna singing “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” right now?)

On this podcast episode, Betsy talks with Sherri Nickols, relationship and female empowerment coach, and learn about her journey and mission to help women unleash the diamond within. Her “Heal Your Heart” program is based on the 4 C’s of a diamond and will help you become the leading lady of your life in just 4 short weeks. During this Covid time, take control of your life and get ready to be a shining star once we’ve emerged from this crisis. We see lots of opportunities during this time and here’s one of them. Enjoy the conversation & take care of YOU! Much love xoxo

Especially for our Lunchtime Quickies fans, Sherri’s Heal Your Heart program is 50% off! Click HERE for all the details.

Sherri is also the author of Sexy and Sparkling After 40

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