Movement Is Where True Change Begins

Movement Is Where True Change Begins

Hello lovers!

Do you agree that dancing is good for you? Who doesn’t love a serious jam-out to Beyonce, J.Lo, Pink or your favorite artist, right? What if we told you that movement (ok not exactly those hot dance moves) could release and heal past trauma and blocks, rewiring you to bring in more Love into your life? I bet you want to know more now,  don’t you? Well we certainly did! On this podcast episode, Betsy speaks with Orit Krug, board-certified dance movement therapist who specializes in helping women heal from past trauma and enjoy healthy lifelong relationships with their partners using her unique approach with dance therapy.

For over 10 years, Orit has transformed the lives of more than 5,000 clients from 9 different countries. She has led thousands of therapy sessions with psychiatric patients who have gone from feeling suicidal to joyfully dancing and reigniting their desire to live again within less than an hour. Her popular free online video program “Wired for Love” has helped thousands break free from their unhealthy relationship patterns and experience positive transformations in their love lives.

Orit is also the founder of the “Mind Your Body” podcast and has been featured in “The Lisa Show” on SiriusXM as well as quoted in ThriveGlobal. She currently lives in Delaware, USA with her loving husband and soon-to-be son.

As always, wishing you much Love. xoxo

Happy dancing!

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    Susie Cooper


    I love dancing, you know… When I was younger I would dance negative energy away literally on purpose, I ca totally relate.


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