Divine Sexuality For More Rewarding Relationships

Divine Sexuality For More Rewarding Relationships

Don’t you just love the term ‘Divine Sexuality’? But what does that mean exactly? According to Victoria Vives, with Divine Sexuality, you will experience one of the most powerful modalities of healing.  You can have a wholesome romantic relationship, a thriving fulfilling business, longevity, vitality, youthfulness, and out of this world multi-orgasmic sex! What?? Ok, we definitely wanted to know more!

On this episode of the Lunchtime Quickies podcast, meet Victoria Vives, intimacy expert, author, martial artist and healer. This is one amazing woman! Victoria shares her journey from the ghettos of Spain to the City of Angels where she’s found her voice and shares all her many talents. Learn what divine sexuality means and how you can have a more rewarding relationship with your partner and with yourself.

And to better take care of ourselves especially during these times, Victoria is launching a FREE 5 Self-Care Secrets in 5 Days program. It starts today! Sign up Here

To learn more about Divine Sexuality and to get her free book go Here

She is also the author of In a Matter of Seconds, a story to empower yourself into Love, Success and Manifestation.

Wishing you lots of Love and more romantic intimacy! xoxo

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