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A Brief Encounter

He walked towards me. His long blonde hair hung over his face and bounced as he moved. There was something in the way he walked; something that caused my heart to catch in my chest. Maybe it was the way he seemed to glide- carelessly yet graceful, and strangely overpowering. It was a feature that…

Last Summer

I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to act so spontaneously or what would come of my trip. All I knew was there was no turning back as my plane landed in Dallas-Fort Worth Airport where I would catch my connecting flight into New Jersey. Only a few hours remained before the moment. The moment…


I was thirty-nine and had just about given up

When I was thirty-nine years old, I was painfully single and just about given up on ever finding someone.  I’d dated, as I often said, everyone in the Western world. I’d either reject them or they’d reject me. Mostly, they rejected me… usually after about 6 weeks.  What was happening I think is that when…

Great Expectations

I never had much trouble finding a significant other. I had trouble finding one worth keeping though. And that’s an understatement! In high school, I dated a cute bad boy who turned abusive and nearly killed me (literally). Then came a free-spirited, hard-to-catch guy who doted on me to the point that I was sure…

Eiffel Tower

New Year, New Love

Ginger was finally over the single life, traveling the world by herself, meeting men of all races and cultures and enjoying endless freedom.  Sometimes that freedom was quite lonely.  And sometimes it wasn’t freedom at all.  He’s loved me since the time he met me.  Is it time to finally let him in?  But her…

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