I was thirty-nine and had just about given up

When I was thirty-nine years old, I was painfully single and just about given up on ever finding someone.  I’d dated, as I often said, everyone in the Western world. I’d either reject them or they’d reject me. Mostly, they rejected me… usually after about 6 weeks.  What was happening I think is that when…

Desire and Despair

Desire and Despair She didn’t look that sexy, pretty yes, but not that extra something that would tell me how she would be in the sack.  But we walked along the Art Walk, occasionally stopping into look at and comment on the exhibits on display.  She wasn’t one of those women who can’t stop talking. …

Conference Cookies

My boss is a beautiful, kind-hearted and brilliant woman.  She is also a complete dynamo when it comes to getting things done. Recently, she put on a fantastic four-day conference attended by nearly a hundred authors and over two hundred readers.  The whole thing went off without a hitch, except for one little faux pas—mine….

Eiffel Tower

New Year, New Love

Ginger was finally over the single life, traveling the world by herself, meeting men of all races and cultures and enjoying endless freedom.  Sometimes that freedom was quite lonely.  And sometimes it wasn’t freedom at all.  He’s loved me since the time he met me.  Is it time to finally let him in?  But her…



Last night I said goodbye, In the nicest possible way, To a man I never quite met, But loved so anyway. Now I am lost at sea, Adrift in the ocean between you and me. There is water everywhere, It pools in my eyes, Makes my skin hard to wear. My moorings slipped away, No…

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