“Opening to Sacred Love” Online Program

With Christina Sian McMahon, Ph.D.

Certified Counselor & Energy Healer

Are you ready to welcome into your life NOW your great love, your forever love, your sacred partner?

Are you determined to leave behind your old patterns so you can avoid the usual frustrations of “getting out there?”

Are you ready to transform your whole experience with dating, so that your path to love is as joyful as the destination?


Christina’s Story

The day I turned 39, I set a strong intention to meet my soulmate by my 40th birthday. Over the years, I had watched friend after friend find love, and a little voice inside my head had always piped up: why not me?

The truth was that I wanted something more than the kind of love I had seen in most couples around me. I saw myself with a gentle, big-hearted man who wanted to grow with me like two trees planted side-by-side. The love I saw was healing. It was sacred love.

My journey to love involved healing my emotional wounds, owning my worthiness, getting crystal-clear about who my sacred partner was, and learning to date differently. I met my husband Darrin less than a month before I turned 40. In fact, he asked me for a second date on my 40th birthday – unbeknownst to him! Our relationship unfolded quickly and joyfully from there, since everything felt so right.

EVERYTHING in my life has taken off since I’ve been in this partnership. With Darrin’s unconditional love and support, I’m pursuing my life purpose in a way I never have before. I believe that’s the nature of a sacred partnership: it’s like a warm spring rain that waters everything in your life – career, personal relationships, finances – making everything fertile.

The Program

There are four foundations to the “Opening to Sacred Love” program:

  • Building belief in sacred love
  • Walking in your worthiness
  • Staying aligned with your vision for love
  • Dating (and living) joyfully

You’ll learn those foundations by working through modules that you’ll complete on your own to fully integrate this powerful new approach to love attraction.

The “Opening to Sacred Love” stands out from other similar programs for a host of reasons:

  • The program follows my Sacred Love Sequence, which is a method that combines deep inner preparation with hands-on tools for dating in a conscious and targeted way for your sacred partner.
  • The Sacred Love Sequence helps you to get narrower with your approach to dating, so that you don’t get lost in a numbers game – which is often what other teachers focus on. By contrast, this program will help you to map out the unique path that YOU must take to find YOUR sacred partner.
  • Practical tips for conscious dating make your learning experience concrete. While other love attraction programs focus only on visualization and preparing for love, my course combines visualization and action steps. I won’t leave you hanging when it comes to getting “out there!” The dating process takes courage, and I’ll hold your hand through it all.
  • Energy healing gives the love attraction process a spectacular boost. In all the modules, you’ll find practices for opening the chakras and clearing out emotional blocks from your energy field. This puts you at a powerful attraction point for sacred love.

The Modules

The modules are loosely divided into two parts: preparing yourself for love (1-3) and action steps for conscious dating (4-7).

Module 1: Seeing the Path Ahead  (How to warm up your heart for love)

Module 2: Laying the Groundwork for Success (How to clear out your old stories and patterns)

Module 3: Designing Your Own Love Map (How to get clear on what you want)

Module 4: Following Your Love Compass (How to open up avenues for love to find you)

Module 5: Mastering Real-World Dating (How to make joyful connections with kindred spirits)

Module 6: Staying Aligned with Your Love Map (How to stay authentic when dating)

Module 7: Navigating New Love (How to communicate consciously & compassionately)


Each module consists of:

  • Reading material that explains the concepts we’re working through
  • A list of fun practices and chakra openers for you to do on your own
  • A guided meditation to help you integrate the message of the module
  • Other recommended materials to give you a “love boost” (videos, talks, movies, articles)
  • An audio talk that goes in-depth into the module material and helps you to easily apply the concepts to your own life
  • The program website also contains three instructional videos to help you navigate through the course

When you sign up, you will be emailed a website link and unique password within 24 hours. Then you can access all of the program materials and move through the program at your own pace.

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  • A bonus audio recording of my “Sacred Love Attraction” webinar, which is valued at $89
  • A bonus guided meditation called “Bringing in Brightness,” which will help you raise your vibration on a daily basis, and is valued at $14
  • My “Playbook to Love,” a template that will help you apply manifestation techniques to “real-world” action, and is valued at $25

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