Welcome to our fun Love and Relationship podcast delivering tantalizing talk of romance, love, dating and sex in 30 minutes or less, your “lunchtime quickie”. Guests include relationship coaches, matchmakers, romance authors and everyday people just like yourself (both men and women) that have real life love stories to tell. You can even listen in on a few first dates here too! The Lunchtime Quickies Podcast is hosted by the founder of Lunchtime Quickies, Betsy Johnson. 

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Logo Lunchtime Quickies Lunchtime Quickies is an online media publisher whose sole mission is to bring more love, hope and romance to the world, one quickie at a time!
Who we are:
We are hopeless romantics who still believe in true love and real life romance. Inspired by romance novels, our creative team has set out to prove that real love is better than fiction.

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